About CANDAI-Policy Impact

CANDAI-Policy Impact is a social enterprise. It is anchored on the open data work of the Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition (GODAN), the personalized therapeutic nutrition agenda of the IPTN, Nitrition Department of the University of Nairobi and other willing and participating Universities, Governments at national and subnational levels, Development Partner Projects and Programmes as well as  Research and Community/Farmer based initiatives.

Our key agenda is to promote capacity building derived from the capacity building paradigms evolved by P4CDA for the South-South Member States, to make the data agenda shared to drive data openness and polcy impact through innovation wrought through data analytics.

The agenda of Sustainable/Smart Agriculture Systems paradigm, guided by the reality is that Africa lacks in an organizational framework; much as many successful initiatives also exist.

CANDAI-Policy Impact infuses an implementation model we have evolved with a transformation paradigm. We use this model to help sustainable development initiatives to address the constraints in agriculture, which without the involvement of the Farm Hubs/Food Hubs faces inherent challenges; deriving from policy institutional engagement particularly in accessing markets where cash-flow into the sector is generated from.

To support the foregoing CANDAI-Policy Impact with its implementing partners will promote the work centered around farmers, and other support partners, to strengthen the required i) Structures of organizational formulation in programmes or projects, to ii) promote Strategy driven FarmHub/ FoodHub engagement anchored on existing or locally evolved, iii) Systems that are necessary to guide the scaling out of the FarmHub/FoodHub actions. This is particularly important when anchored on a iv) human resource, or Staff, that the grassroots organization will rely on, more so, if they are v) sufficiently Skilled to drive the organization to the strategic end it desires to realize, vi) the governance model or leadership Style necessary to drive towards a profit driven vii) Shared value for the desired end, or the vision, so as to ensure viii) Sustainability.

Given the need for fast and effective results outcome, we seek to drive our agenda from a Working Groups perspective, each of which will be unpacked into thematic focuses of Work Packages against which GODAN, its P4CDA, and our partners and the champions involved in the various work packages will fundraise to realize.